Ride Fast Denim Jacket

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Slim Fit Denim Jacket 
• We Recommend Sizing Up For A Regular Fit •
• See Size Chart For Further Informations •
Big "Ride Fast Live Hard" Print on the Back
Practical Hand Pockets On Front And Smaller Pocket On The Right Chest
Interior Pockets On Both Sides
Classic Collar And Button Closure
Made with 100% cotton denim

Denim Biker Jacket

It is many people's fantasy to wear a denim jacket. The reason stands for itself as the jacket will enhance one's image on a large scale. Among the sea of denim jackets, the ones which are more popular and the ones for which there is much more craze is for the denim biker jacket. One might assume that only bikers prefer the denim biker jacket, but unlike that common thought, a denim biker jacket is famous among the common crowd even because of its style.

A slim fit denim biker jacket is every biker's fantasy. To wear that popular jacket and to stroll away on the motorcycle is all a biker wants. These jackets will not only enhance a biker style but will also come in handy during the road trips. To protect the biker from dust and from other hurdles while riding this denim biker jacket will surely be useful. While purchasing a jacket which belongs to this category it is important to choose the right fit.

Choosing the wrong size will affect the biker's comfort which will cause hindrance especially during riding. For this particular reason, it is better to size up while going for the purchase of a regular fit. In order to assist the customer with the right size, there is supplementary information in hand just like the size chart. For the customers' info regarding the right size, one can refer to the size chart which carries detailed information on the width and the height along with other necessary details based on which the right size can be opted by the customer.

Apart from the above-mentioned facts, the one compelling reason to buy this jacket is for the printed quotes like ‘Ride Fast Live Hard'. While this quote adds style to the jacket it sure does add to the lifestyle of the rider too. These words are something to live by for every passionate rider. When taken into consideration the comfort factor there are pockets attached to the jacket. These pockets are not only practical for use but are also placed on both front and the right chest where the right chest carries a smaller pocket.

For bikers who will require a lot of space to carry their stuff, this jacket comes in handy. As there are interior pockets too. These pockets are present on both sides of the jacket. Apart from this, there is the classic collar and button closure for riders who want to buckle up during windy riders and for riders who just want to have for the sake of style. These jackets will be the most comfortable ones to wear because of the fact that they are made out of 100 percent cotton denim which is a rare scenario. By choosing jackets in this category which are worth $150 and above a customer also gets to have free shipping.

While this jacket will never allow you to feel the cool because of its quality it will surely make you look cool because of its style. And every biker knows that their riding look is never complete without a denim jacket.


bobberbrothers sizing
LENGTH IN CM 69 70 72 73 75
LENGTH IN INCH 27,2 27,6 28,3 28,7 29,5
WIDTH IN CM 43 46 49 51 55
WIDTH IN INCH 16,9 18,1 19,3 20,1 21,7


  M L   XL  XXL


63 68 69 71


24,8 26,8 27,2 28


53 56 61 64


20,9 22,0 24,0 25,2


Bobberbrothers Denim Jacket Sizing Chart
LENGTH IN CM 61,5 62,5 63 67,5 70
LENGTH IN INCH 24,2 24,6 24,8 26,6 27,6
WIDTH IN CM 37,5 39 40,5 44,5 46,5
WIDTH IN INCH 14.8 15.4 16 17.5 18.3
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