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Slim Fit Denim Jacket 
• We Recommend Sizing Up For A Regular Fit •
• See Size Chart For Further Informations •
Embroidered Bobberbrothers Back Patch 27cm x 35cm
(10,6 inches x 13,77 inches)
Practical Hand Pockets On Front And Smaller Pocket On The Right Chest
Interior Pockets On Both Sides
Classic Collar And Button Closure
Made with 100% cotton

Denim Jacket with Patches & Biker Jeans Jacket

Any biker in the world will prefer to have his or her biker jean jacket around them when they go strolling in the wind in their motorcycle. To wear that slim fit denim jacket with patches and to ride their favorite motorcycle along with their buddies is all that a biker wants. That is why there is the coolest collection of biker jean jackets available which will not only enhance the looks of the rider but will also add to the comfort factor.

 One thing to note down while going for the purchase of any denim jacket with patches for the riding purpose is to go for the right size. Most companies come up with the sizing chart where apart from the basic measurements like the width and the height, there are also shoulder and chest measurements in order to aid with the right selection of size for the customer. However, while going for the biker jean jacket which comes with the regular fit, it is always ideal to purchase a size up. This will ensure the rider gets to be comfortable while wearing biker jean jacket during his or her rides.

The particular denim jacket with patches which comes with the printed Big Bobberbrothers round skull logo on the back is not only stylish but is also unique when compared with the other jackets that are available in the market. The skull logo on the denim jacket with patches will give a trendy look to the biker who is wearing it. For the rider comfort, there is also the option to have pockets on the biker jean jacket. These pockets are practical for use as it is placed on the front and apart from that, there are also smaller pockets which are present on the right chest side.

These pockets will come in handy during the rides as many essential items can be kept. For riders who just want to use the denim jacket with patches for style purpose, it will serve that too where the pockets can be kept empty. Another aspect regarding the usage purpose is the availability of interior pockets in the jacket. Not only will these interior pockets be useful for holding stuff it will also save the style of the jacket by hiding from the outside view.

To enhance a bit more to the style aspect there is the classic collar and also the button enclosure. The buttons can be done for the rider comfort or can be left free as it will add a bit more to the style. The rare thing about a denim jacket is that it is hard to find a one which is made out of pure cotton denim. Lucky for the customers out here these jackets are made from 100 percent cotton denim which will add to the comfort of the rider. There is also the added advantage for the customers who make a purchase on an order above $150 for whom the shipping charge will be eliminated giving the free shipping choice. 


bobberbrothers sizing
LENGTH IN CM 69 70 72 73 75
LENGTH IN INCH 27,2 27,6 28,3 28,7 29,5
WIDTH IN CM 43 46 49 51 55
WIDTH IN INCH 16,9 18,1 19,3 20,1 21,7


  M L   XL  XXL


63 68 69 71


24,8 26,8 27,2 28


53 56 61 64


20,9 22,0 24,0 25,2


Bobberbrothers Denim Jacket Sizing Chart
LENGTH IN CM 61,5 62,5 63 67,5 70
LENGTH IN INCH 24,2 24,6 24,8 26,6 27,6
WIDTH IN CM 37,5 39 40,5 44,5 46,5
WIDTH IN INCH 14.8 15.4 16 17.5 18.3
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