Bobber - let's celebrate this motorcycle classic

Almost every motorcycle fan who has done his homework should immediately be familiar with the name Bobber. But we are also happy to enlighten you. Bobber or "to bob" is the conversion work that mainly Harley Davidson did on their touring Harleys in the 1940s and 1950s. With the aim to make the bike easier and to increase the speed of the Harley, the front mudguard and the rear flap were removed. To create a kind of "Bobtail", the front mudguard was then mounted upside down on the rear tyres. Since then, these motorcycles have been known as bobbers.

Bobber Motorcycle Yamaha xs650

Outfits by Bobber Heads for Bobber-Heads

As we are also fans of this classic, it almost goes without saying that we would incorporate this term into our logo. In order to integrate the togetherness of motorcyclists, the bobberbrothers brand was created. Under this name we sell motorcycle clothing with character for you and your equals - motorcyclists and fans of hot machines. You want to put together a new motorcycle outfit that shows from a distance that you are a passionate motorcyclist? Then you will find a large selection of authentic jackets, hoodies, T-shirts, headgear and cool merchandise items such as meaningful stickers in our shop.


bobber motorcycle group

Bobberbrothers unite!

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